Sunday, April 11, 2010

Record Store Day Redux

April 17th. Record Store Day!

Super Happy Funtime Sale*:
52.5% off all used CDs, DVDs and vinyl.
All new CDs will $9.98 each. (That is "new" CDs, as in not "used". Whether a CD is priced $18.98 or $11.98, you can buy it for $9.98.)
20% off all new DVDs, vinyl and books.
Fine print: *Special RSD releases and CD box sets are excluded.

Special Record Store Day releases:
Here is a list:
Will we have all of these? No, but we're getting as many as we can get our hands on. Because of the limited nature of these releases, we will not sell multiple copies to one customer. If we only receive 2-3 copies of a title, it wouldn't be fair to sell them all to one person, right? Right. You're a friend? Please don't ask for special favors. Thanks.

Random Free Stuff!
ALL used 7" singles are FREE. All of them. Yep. We're giving them all away. Be reasonable though. Leave some for the next guy. 25 records or so? Is that reasonable?
We'll have a table, overflowing with posters, stickers, CD samplers, and other goodies. I can't remember how we did it last year. I think we allow you one item for every 10 bucks you spend. We'll have guidelines of some sort.

Special Free Stuff!
We have a couple of Devo Energy Dome hats to give away to the first folks that buy a Devo record. Duty Now for the Future is one of the special RSD releases. You need that record and you know you need the energy dome.
Tickets: We've got Tickets to My Morning Jacket and Swell Season that we'll be giving away at some point during the day. Details TBD.

Band of Horses Pre-Order:
Infinite Arms is the third album from Band of Horses. It is scheduled to be released May 18th on Brown Records / Fat Possum. We'll be holding a special pre-order event on Record Store Day. Some special laminates (you know, the back stage pass type things) are being made just for us. You'll get one of those when you pre-order. We'll have special pre-order pricing and a few lucky people who pre-order will receive a signed copy of the record when it is released.

In-Store Performance!
Company (formerly KO, now Co.) will be playing in the store at 4:00. So good. Not to be missed.

I think that covers it. Feel free to call or email me with any questions.

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