Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Books, new and restocked:

Animal Tales - Nine of the classic Golden Book Animal Tales, bound together
in one affordable volume. For the kids!

15 Point Guide to Peeing in the City - It can be tough to find a public restroom in the city. This handy little zine/book is an urban survival guide, of sorts. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Farts, A Spotter’s Guide - Yep. Complete with a battery-powered fart machine, to help you properly identify the fart. Juvenile and funny.

You Shall Die By Your Own Creation - (Fletcher Hanks collected, Vol 2) The first volume, I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets, was an Eisner-winning hit. This second volume collects the rest of Hank’s comic book work.

Beautiful Decay, Book One - A hand-numbered edition of 1500. Kyle Thomas is hand-drawing each cover. No two covers will be the same.

Absinthe & Flame-throwers - “Projects and ruminations on the art of living dangerously”. For the MacGyver in all of us.

Lowside of the Road : Life of Tom Waits - “This definitive biography charts Wait’s life and art, step by step, album by album. A unique take on one of rock’s great enigmas.”


Faeries (25th Anniversary Edition)
Make the Bible Work For You
Mutter Museum : Historical Photos
The Rock Bible
Russian Criminal Tattoo Vol 3
Low Moon
On Some Faraway Beach : Brian Eno
Juxtapoz (all book titles back in stock)
Wu-Tang Manual (back in!)
Cat Power : a Good Woman
Greatest Album Covers
Wax Poetics #36
SCUM Manifesto (Back in stock!)
Cometbus (multiple restocks, including #52)
Hamburger Eyes #13 (a new one!)

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