Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Record Store Day
It's that time again. This Saturday is Record Store Day. Yay! Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional freebies have been arriving all week. Check out this list of goodies, compiled by our friends at Landlocked Music. Will we be receiving all of these? No, but we're getting as many as we can put our grubby little hands on. AND we're sure to have some beer-related freebies too. Sweet! All used DVDs, CDs and vinyl will be 52.5% off for the day. Plus, we're having a special art show. Our friend, Chuck Keppler, has put together another great show for us. This one will feature prints by 38 artists. The artists were asked to design and print an image based on a favorite song lyric. Check out this one. All prints will be available for purchase.

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