Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now in:
Bonnie Prince Billy "Beware" CD and LP
Tim Hecker "An Imaginary Country" CD
Kylesa "Static Tensions" LP
Wolves in the Throne Room "Malevolent Grain" LP
Mi Ami "Watersports" CD
Mount Eerie "Dawn" LP
and restocks:
Pains of Being Pure at Heart CD and LP
Last Kind Words (various) LP
Fugazi "Red Medicine", "Margin Walker" LPs
Aesop Rock "Float" CD


  1. Can you enlighten me on what this Ultraload thing is for the Bonnie Prince Billy album? Is it an LP + 10" + digital download....or just a bonus 10" and a digital download?

    Thanks Clay your the best!

  2. It is a 10" of bonus tracks with a download for the full album. Ultraload of crap, if you ask me. I didn't order any. The secrecy pissed me off. I asked Drag City how they expected us to order it, not knowing what it is. They said "you'll be pleased." I said, "If it is a 10" and a download, I'll be pissed."
    I'm glad I didn't order any.

  3. Yeah me too! I'm pissed. I don't want to pay $5-$7 extra for a 10" and a download.

    But I would have paid $7-$10 extra for the LP + 10" + the digital download of all of it.

    I thought Drag City would know the record buying public by this point.